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Adelaide Football Club Westpac Centre tours give not only fans, but visitors, tourists and passionate football supporters the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the players inner sanctum, with a chance to see excusive areas that are rarely shared with the public.
We pride ourselves on being Inclusive so we are delighted to be able to present this unique opportunity to anyone wanting to learn more about the Adelaide Football Clubs history and culture.
We invite you to come and join the team for all South Australians.


The story of the Adelaide Football Club may have only started in 1990 but in two decades the Crows have forged a proud history.

Our museum not only remembers the past but recognizes the present and looks to the future. There is memorabilia all the way back to 1991, all the team photos from the first year to today and a focus on the premiership seasons of 1997 and 1998. Visitors can also have an interactive kick with 2009 Club Champion Bernie Vince and catch a glimpse of what it is like on match day in the coaching box.
Then wander through to the Replica Locker Room. Open a locker door and find out more about all the players who have pulled on the Adelaide Crows Guernsey.

The museum forms part of the Inner Sanctum Tour.


Inner Sanctum Tour

To make your visit to the Adelaide Football Club extra special, join an Inner Sanctum Tour. This tour takes you behind the scenes into the exclusive players areas including:

  • Theatre - View a short DVD on what happens behind the scenes on a match day
  • View the Premiership Cups in our foyer
  • 19th Floor – Immerse yourself in the clubs history in our Museum and Replica Locker Room
  • Shed Floor – 2500sq metre indoor training space
  • Genuine Locker Room – Where all the emotion is
  • Media Room
  • Rehabilitation areas
  • Weights and gym room
  • Swimming pools
  • Players Race – feel like a real player and view where the team runs out onto the oval
  • Duration – 2hours (approx)



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AFC Members:
Complimentary in 2013
Inner Sanctum:

Adult $25, Concession $20, Children $15

AFC Members:

Complimentary in 2013




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There are no tours currently scheduled for 2014.


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